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Discover the sights of Ustronie Morskie

Cinema 7D
Kino 7-D

Our cinema is an attraction at the highest level. The films are broadcast in 3D and with 7 special effects. Armchairs move, smells, air bubbles, wind breezes are sprayed, vibrations on the feet, movements on the back, head are felt and much more. The viewer becomes the hero of the film. We have over 30 films on offer.

Western Park
Western Park

The Western Park has educational and entertainment character. In addition to game offers, the participants also acquire knowledge about Indian tribes and the needs of the first settlers in the Wild West. Tenti (Indian tents) can be visited, short stories listened to, cowboy dances learned as well as original outfits and everyday tools are looked at. The Western Park has a trampoline, a playground and Indian equipment. We offer various fun, games and learning events.

Golf Driving Range
Golf Driving Range

If you want to learn to golf, improve your skills or just play a tournament on the 9-hole golf course, the Golf Driving Range is the place for you. Golf equipment can be rented on site, so it is not necessary to take it with you.


This is where the world of computer games becomes reality. The area of the Painball field is 8000 m2! We offer versatile obstacles for different game scenarios, professional equipment and military uniforms. A barbecue and campfire area as well as a cozy corner to stay with friends are also at your disposal.

Centrum Helios
Centrum Helios

Recreation, relaxation, various sports and a lot of fun you will find in Helios Centrum. On our grounds there is an aqua park, saunas, artificial surface tennis courts, a children's playground, a two-lane bowling alley, a beach volleyball court and a gym.

rope Park
Park linowy

The GIBON rope park is located in the eastern part of Ustronie Morskie, just 150 meters from the beach. Everyone can have fun with us because prior knowledge is not necessary. Different levels of difficulty offer experience and challenge. The GIBON Rope Park has 11 routes, including 2 training routes with a total of 142 obstacles.

Pirate Adventure
Piracka przygoda

Educational and entertainment programs are organized in the historic setting of the 19th century. Maritime traditions, the tradition of large sailing ships and the romantic pirate image of the 17th to 19th centuries are illustrated. Our offers and events are enjoying great popularity.

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Sightseeing flights Bagicz
Loty widokowe - Bagicz

After years of effort, Bagicz Airport was opened in 2012 for tourist and charter flights for small aircraft (up to 20 passengers). All those who have decided to spend a holiday on the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea (in Kołobrzeg, Sianozety, Ustronie Morskie and the surrounding towns) should visit Bagicz and take the opportunity to take part in a sightseeing flight (Tel. Airport Bagicz 604 969 388).

Bastion wojskowy

The bastion features a T55 tank, armored vehicles, armored transporters, a floating self-propelled transporter, and much more ... This collection is primarily used for cruises that provide a unique experience through direct contact with the equipment. Also, you can only visit the vehicles. Numerous information about each vehicle is available to interested parties. In addition, you can enjoy a meal from a field kitchen, visit our shooting range and shoot from an air force or visit a military-grade goods store.

wild West
Dziki zachód

The Wild West is an ideal place for exciting adventures. Here you can meet real cowboys, enjoy cowboy food in the salon and see western shows, bank robberies and stunt shows. Visit an Indian village, an Indian wigwam, smoke a peace pipe, listen to Native American stories and taste Indian food. The exotic Indian costumes, the colorful dancers will delight you. Also we invite you to an unforgettable riding experience!

Hortulus Gardens
Ogrody Hortulus

The Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens are located just 2 km from the Hortulus theme gardens in Dobrzyca, forming a separate garden complex. The Hortulus Spectabilis Gardens stretch over 5 hectares of land. The main attraction is the largest hornbeam labyrinth in the world with an area of over 1 ha, in the middle of which there is a 20 m high lookout tower. From the observation deck of the tower you have panoramic views of the entire gardens as well as the coastal areas. On a clear day you can see the Baltic Sea.

Biking and hiking trails
Szlaki turystyczne

The scenic international cycling route No. 10 runs along the Baltic Sea and connects to Ustronie Morskie with the international hiking trail E-9. Many other bike path and hiking trails lead through Ustronie Morskie. Like the blue hiking trail leading to the oldest oak trees in Poland.